Public Policy Formulation and Public Disobedience: Conceptual Lessons from Tanah Awu People Movement

Author: dwiyanto indiahono  |  Category: Opini & Sitasi

MISC013Public Policy Formulation and Public Disobedience:  Conceptual Lessons from Tanah Awu People Movement

Abstract: Local government in long time has wished to build international airport in Tanah Awu – Lombok Tengah – Nusa Tenggara Barat Province. Pro and contra to this plan happened since building plan published by government. In a period of new order, some of local residents have got compensat plan in the reality was done by resident who have got compensation and haven’t got compensation. Public disobedience by farmer of Tanah Awu for international airport in their land has left many important lessons for the public policy formulation. This article will give conceptual answer for problems of public disobedience and public policy making in this case. The conceptual answers for public policy formulations are: First, public in the future have to manage aspiration better and submit the aspiration to government more democratically. Second, government have to: create dialogue rooms for public who giving criticism and input to every policy; have commitment and try create pro poor policy maximally; create policy framework that capable to give win-win solution for all stakeholders.

Keywordspublic disobedience, public policy formulation, democratic governance.

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