Finding Political Party with Rural Development Platform

Author: dwiyanto indiahono  |  Category: Opini & Sitasi

MISC013Finding Political Party with Rural Development Platform

Judul Asli: Mencari Partai Politik Ber -platform Pembangunan Pedesaan

Abstract: Social equity for all Indonesia people obliges the distributing of prosperity from urb an till to rural side. Caring many institutions from government agency and non -governmental agency to rural development practically not yet maximally give the support of political process to rural people. One of the factors able to be showed is weakening support from political parties to rural development. Stimulating political party to voice rural development is urgent to do. Political parties as most responsible institution in the case of voicing people aspiration have to think harder for interests of rural people which are majority. Political parties have to start to do empower for the rural society to create powered and self -supporting rural society. Public have to be smart political actor in political activities by choosing parties committing at rural development, and mutual profiting development between urban and rural. Public also have to start to do pressure to political parties and members of parliament (DPR/D) to always to do communications better with rural people to create responsive policy for rural problems.

Keyword : commitment, political party, rural development, and rural policy.

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